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Sunday, April 11, 2004


my technology life blog

Easter Sunday :: Boni, Mandaluyong
Typed-up in my cellphone

I am sleepless as lay in bed composing this blog intro in my mind. ive just changed venues a minute ago, i now type on my cellphone this intro as i gaze out unto the unusually quiet metro this last hour of easter.

This is my technobiography. A blog of how technology continues to influence my life.

Relaxed prose. Hopefully witty, funny. Reflective and insightful. Short and sweet. Filipino. Publish as a Mobipocket e-column. Open to syndication by , 2BU, gadgets, T3, Computerworld, digital tour or anybody out there interested. I'll even pay! hehehe

This blog is inspired by Ordinary Gweilo, a blog of a Brit expat in HongKong - a copy of which is in my cellphone.

What id like to do is write about my tech encounters and reflections. I'd need to develop a writing style which isn't a bore (thus far, it's obvious I could use a huuuuuge improvement). I'd like it to have a Doogie Howser Journals flavor. Reflective, insightful. And that will happen if i pause, stop babbling, start thinking. So much for babbling 'til i strike gold!

And the only way i wil be able to sustain this with fairly regular updates is to reflect, write and edit all in one sweep. That way, I won't be wasting too much bandwidth with online crap and won't be wasting too much of my time.

This is my second take at a blog. One reason my first blog, GuroSaCuyoBlog didn't take off is -- I knew at the back of my head that I'd run out of stuff to write about in that first blog. At least with this theme, TechnoBioGraphy, i can assure myself of a regular supply of tech encounters in my regular day.

random bullet thoughts:
write about
* teaching dad (from Rx letters to email)
* post phne cam photos
* renovate hmepage-point to guroSaCuyo, christmas e-kard, biz n techblog
* SAP diary
* etymology, sub-title
* related trivia, stats, quotes, poetry

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