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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Light for all


It is better to light just one little candle
than to stumble in the dark ...
For our children

NAMFREL conducted three volunteer briefings in manila prior to election day. It had more than 30,000 (or is it 300,000?) volunteers around the Philippines with its network of municipal and provincial offices. The headquarters was up and running the day before the elections and stood ground for two weeks on a round-the-clock operations in its HeadQuarters in LaSalle Greenhills.

Volunteers received election returns from volunteers at precinct, barangay, municipal and provincial levels. The texting technology was used during the first days of the Quick Count. A few days later, NAMFREL decided to use e-mail and fax to receive election returns.

Vounteers worked round the clock, checking and verifying election returns, encoding and inputting data into the system. As of early this morning, the NAMFREL quick count had canvassed close to 60% of the precincts.

* For the thousands of volunteers who stood guard for the Filipinos' votes,
* for the teachers who continue to serve the country not just in our classrooms but also in our precincts,
* for the voters who questioned, discerned, selected, supported and cast their vote,
* for the street sweepers who clean up after the campaign,
* for the elected leaders chosen to be *servants* of the people,
* for those who passed away in the line of duty,
* for the Filipino - the unnamed totoy, neneng, manong, manang, lolo, lola,
* for our children, for our future ...

- edwin May 21, 2004

as of May 22, 2004 10:00AM Manila Time

Presidential Candidate - Total Votes
Lacson, Panfilo Morena - 2,130,302
Macapagal-Arroyo, Gloria Macaraeg - 7,952,228
Poe, Fernando Jr./ Ronald Allan Kelley - 7,214,787
Roco, Raul Sagarbarria - 1,243,769
Villanueva, Eduardo Cruz - 1,206,346

Vice-Presidential Candidate - Total Votes
Aquino, Herminio Sanchez - 586,115
De Castro, Noli Leuterio - 9,406,129
Legarda-Leviste, Loren - 8,547,854
Pajo, Rodolfo Taga-an - 19,682


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