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Saturday, June 26, 2004

International Day for Texting

TGIF! On a friday afternoon, my Masters class trooped to Gilligan's in Makati for some drinks.

We were a mixed group of Indonesians, Vietnamese, an Indian, Chinese, Cambonidan and Filipinos aged 28 to 52.

While waiting for our tables to be set, I was texting. My Indonesian friend watched in amazement at the speed of my texting. Well, she hadn't seen anything yet!

I looked her in the eyes and composed a new text message: "Hi Nunung! How are you? I can text without looking at my phone Ü"

Just then, Dikoy, a Pinoy from Leyte, snapped out his phone and demonstrated the same no-look-texting prowess powers!

Wide-eyed Nunung exclaimed in Indonesian-English: "How do you do that??!!"

We explained: "We're Filipinos! It's built-in in our thumbs."

We had quite a crowd by this time. Our Vietnamese classmate, Minh, was not impressed. He brought out his phone and did the no-look-texting trick too! We broke out in a hearty laugh when he showed us his message: "dwq!h jmam#jg pt1jga d.jnw j0pgj".

Dikoy shared: "My four-year-old kid sent me this text last night ... " showing us the sweet message in his phone.

Ramon J, a Pinoy military man, Chimed in: "One time I was scolding my 11-year-old son. He was getting a mouthfull from me. He was bowed down, hands behind his back, looking repentant. Then, from the mirror behind him, I saw some lights blinking in his hand. My son was sending a text message right there and then while I was scolding him!"

Amazing! Ramon's son must have been sending a mayday to the highest ranking officer of the household - mom! Ü

I offered to share my talent with our friends. I told Shelesh, an Indian: "Tell me your message and I'll tell you how many times to press a key."

Hahahaha ü!
In Indonesian: Håöhåöhåö!
In Vietnamese: Nyiéh Nyüéh Nyuéng!
In Cambodian: &%*#@¿#´!
In Indian: Herherher (with head rolling side to side)
In Filipino: Wahihihi!

It was a fun night of food, drinks, stories and laughter with this mix of classmates from around the globe. We may have different native languages. But that night we communicated in more than one language: (broken) English, Texties and Laughter!

- edwin
18 June 2004

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