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Monday, July 05, 2004

My Poetry and Kuya Germs

(Sequel to International Day for Texting)

After a couple of beers, a stomach full of pulutan, and a stomach ache from all the laughter, we walked back to homebase via our school backyard (Greenbelt).

Along the path, behind a curtain of bamboos, I heard a voice. She was speaking in poetry. I investigated, peeped through the slender bamboos and found a group of people surrounding a small platform. Onstage was the voice and her poetry. Candlelights swayed with the light breeze. People, seated on the cold concrete floor or cozy sofa, listened intently, taking turns reading poems, giving their applause to the letters and words woven, to the poetry spoken.

I wanted to read too! But I didn't have any poems memorized.

Brosia to the rescue! ΓΌ

Through Brosia, my SmartPhone, I accessed one of my old websites, Guro Sa Cuyo. From the website, I was able to get copies of some senti poems I wrote as a volunteer teacher in Cuyo group of islands in Palawan.

I had the poems on my phone. I was anonymous in this crowd and had a few beers already. I was ready to debut in poetry reading in front of this audience. I had my whole spiel ready. It would go ...

"Magandang Gabi! I'm Edong.

"The bamboos, the Makati breeze and the light drizzle make a perfect backdrop for my poems. I retrieved these poems from my website (show cellphone to audience).

"I wrote these poems in Cuyo, Palawan where I was a volunteer teacher in a barrio high school without electricity, TV nor any running water.

(dramatic pause)
Moonlight Dance

He breathes one more time then asks for a dance.
Bamboo shivers at the request.
She never refuses Wind.
They sway to the tune of a whisper only they can comprehend.

aug 4, '98 9:42 pm
Mailab stroll

Takipsilim sa Balading

Muli, isang araw ay lumipas
Kabuluka'y muling ibinaon
Inihip ng hanging amihan
Sinayawan ng higanteng kawayan
Kinumpasan ng tagak, tinalikuran

Nalulula ako pauwi, nasusuka
Malagkit ang inulanang putik
Takot madulas, takot bumigay ang lalamunan
Lunok lang ng konti, tingala sa nagnanakaw na kadiliman
Bukas, isang araw nanaman


As I read my last line in a faint whisper, I raised my head to find my audience awestruck. They understood me. They felt my words. Some were quiet, dumbfounded. One girl had foggy spectacles from the tears flowing down their eyes! I got a standing ovation!

My anonymity was ruined, the press photographers were taking photos of me! A man approached me. Light emanated from this man. It was Kuya Germs! He invited me to read my poems in his "Walang Tulugan" show.

Then I felt a raindrops on my skin. I awoke from my day dreaming. The rain began to pour. I was next in line to read my poem. But they had to stop this poetry reading event lest everybody goes home like a basang sisiw.

My poetry reading debut was ruined! The poem in my phone is still waiting to be spoken. It will have to wait longer until Kuya Germs walks up to me again.


  • At 2:49 pm, Blogger Alvin said…

    hanep! kudos and goodluck...hope kuya germs would bump on you again...hehehe...

  • At 6:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hahahaha... ang galing -kta

  • At 8:32 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    gleng...clap,clap,clap...napasakay mo ko dun ah kahit sandali..kakaiba ka tlga!!!

  • At 10:59 am, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    glad you guys liked the story ;-)

    ka edong

  • At 11:57 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    To:KUya German"Kuya GermsMoreno,

    Hoy Bakla ka!!!malapit na ang kamatayan mo,dahil ikaw ay bakla at si Satanas ang yong amo!!!!
    Matanda ka na!!?? imbis na magbago ka at magbasa ng BIBle,kong anoanong mga kalandian ang ginagawa mo,NAKAKADIRE KA!!!BAKLA

    Ricky Reyes Saloon


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