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Monday, April 12, 2004

Techie grrrrl

I was at a baptismal ceremony yesterday and a young girl earned my awe and envy.

First thing that caught my attention was this kid handling a small video-camera with a full-color display screen. She handld it w much ease, first flipping the view-finder and the display at herself, then recording her own image. Then flipping the display again and recording a baby being baptised by a priest.

I was envious! when i was her age, I wasnt allowed to touch the TV dials! (note for kids: back in the 70s n 80s, TVs had dials to select channels, no remote, had vacuum tubes behind them, when turnd off, a white dot remained at the centre of the cocave glass screen and came w sliding wooden doors).

Next, the little girl came towards me, zipped open her mom's bag which was right beside me (the bag, not the mom), took out a camera phone (Nokia 7250), clicked on the keypad w such precision that she had the camera display on, all within a couple of seconds!

She was snapping photos of a baby ... all under 10 secs of grabbing the phone, all under 4ft and 6years old of her!

Amazing, isn't it? our kids are growing in an age of tech-literacy! They're continually exposd to technology that they'll use it with 2nd nature tech-intuition! They won't need to be taught how to use technology, they'll learn by observing.

Next step: navigating through their tech adolescence so they don't get burned by the technology.

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