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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Blag i-Spamd!

Natuwa naman ako nung nakita ko sa hotmail ko na ang dami dami dami daming nag-comment sa Technobiography. Nagtaka tuloy ako kung ano ang kababalaghang ginawa ko at nagkaruon bigla ng ganire kadaming comments.

Yun pala na-blog spam ako! Heto ang adbertisment niya:
Anonymous said...
For your info, this is a new service for sellers to find buyers on eBay: Please feel free to delete this comment if you wish. Thanks!
O ha, bait ko, 'no? ini-re-publish ko pa adbertisment niya.

Kapatid, may mas-magandang paraan para i-promote ang website mo.

Nag-buwiset visit nga ako sa website mo (o may bisita kang isa!) para alamin kung sino ang may kagagawan ng himala! Be proud, kapatid, ipa-alam sa buong madlang tao kung sino ka, may serbisyo ka pa naman na ina-alok sa madlang pipol. Siya, paka-bait ka at gudlak sa iyong ser-bisyo. Yung website mo, ha, at hindi ang bisyo mong pag-co-comment ;-()

Pero tutoo lang, medyo natuwa naman ako. Akala mo ba daan-daan ang mga bisita sa blog ko? plattered naman ako ... konti lang.


perspired inspired by batjay


  • At 11:11 am, Blogger Airwind said…

    spammed sa blog? buti na lang ako konti lang ang visitors ko....

  • At 1:43 pm, Blogger eClair said…

    I get those spam comments on my Word Press powered blog but not elseswhere... Hmmm. Akala ko di affected ang Blogger powered blogs. Man, that is annoying. Spam filters for blogs? Meron sa Word press. Eh ang Blogger kaya? Have you tried asking sa FAQ?

  • At 9:49 am, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    i think in general, the comments area of blogger is inferior compared to wordpress and type pad.

    i haven't bothered asking blogger about spam filters.

    kasi nuon, i asked blogger for a "recent comments" app (like on migs' upgraded blog). I think that will encourage people to continue discussions (like this) in the comments area. Blogger said "we're working on it."

    The recent improvements made are welcome. but there's a lot to be improved.

    I also have been wanting to receive the *location* of the comment through the e-mail alert of blogger. Ang nangyayari kasi ngayon, i receive the comment via email but I don't know on which post the comment belongs to. I need to guess/search for it pa.

    another thing, i wish there were alerts sent to post-ers when a reply is appended to their comment. similar to comments area.

    oh well, cheapos (and busy blokes and lazy lads) can't be choosers.


  • At 9:58 am, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    Forgot to link, here it is:

    "I think that will encourage people to continue discussions (like this) in the comments area. "

  • At 10:35 am, Blogger eClair said…

    Kaya join ka na sa WordPress group ;)

    Looks like the support forums are a great place to hang out online. Hehehehe. Blogger is getting better naman, in fairness. Pero I really wish pwedeng threaded yung comments. I have yet to put that plug in sa WordPress powered blog ko. Yung sa CoreBlog ko sa - that is another story ;) I need admin help for that. But WordPress' interface in its new version is good :D


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