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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Excerpts from the Idiotboard

Excerpts from the Idiot Board by Julsitos: In Want of a Phone
Speaking of MMS phones, I really have to congratulate Globe, Smart and Sun companies for brainwashing the whole population in making them crave for higher-end phones, spawning pickpockets and hold-ups everywhere. Thanks for the colored ads in the Star and Inquirer where you placed celebrities brandishing and enjoying your latest model, hence, making us feel that we have to change phones every year so to keep up with the latest Nokia. Thank you also for making us feel that our phones are never good enough (or never functional enough) where in fact the only use for it is texting and calling up people.
I feel for you, kapatid! Sige! Ilabas mo yan! ;-p

- Edwin


  • At 6:54 pm, Blogger Jules said…

    ahehehehe... baw na trackback pala tayo dito.. thanks! link you up also.

    sometimes we just fail to see things clearly because we choose not to see clearly- there should be a limit as to the number of ads placed by those mobile phones... and to think they're complaining that if VAT will be passed to them, it's the consumers that will suffer. to think na laki ng budget nila for advertisments, can't they absorb the VAT through that?

  • At 9:33 am, Blogger watson said…

    Aaarrgh. As a gadget freak, naging victim rin ako nyan. (see Gotta have the latest, the most updated. The commercials didn't help any. Good thing I've bumped my head and realized I don't need everything they advertise.


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