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Monday, May 10, 2004

Vote - done . Volunteer work - more to come

* Rushed to the precinct after lunch. View Eleksyon2004 PhotoBlog
* Was greeted by sooo many people trying to hand me sample ballots.
* I had my own, though incomplete.
* Relieved to find my name in the same precinct.
* Voted. Had to do impromptu choosing for City councilors.
* Discussed candidates w a fellow-voter. Her ballot lacked senators.
* Took photos of my ballot for my phlog.
* Took photos while casting my ballot in the yellow ballot box.
* Asked ma'am election officer to smile as I took photos of the indelible ink on my index finger.
* I just finished voting.
* Now i'm blogging.

Later, i will send out more text messages to teachers i know. It goes:

Hi ma'am sonza n co-teachers. May GOD BLESS YOU with strength, patience and a beautiful smile Üü in the noble work assigned to you this election day! -edwin

Later still, i will go to the Namfrel HQ to help man the call center.

voting precinct
Maginhawa st, QC
via Brosia, my mobile phone Üü

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