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Friday, May 14, 2004

News bits

* They say politicians in the Philippines either WIN or WERE CHEATED.
* This attitude has brought about some protests and violence especially in the local elections.

* The MMDA will have metro manila completely cleared of election posters by early next week. It's a big job.
* For the poster clean up, MMDA chair Bayani "BF" Fernando brought in new cleaning personnel: BACTERIA! Beginning last week, posters were doused with enzyme-rich dirty water. This is to start breaking down the paper posters and weaken the adhesives for easier scraping off of these campaign materials.

* Pacquiao was wearing ill-fitting 99cents (55 pesos) socks during his match against Argentinian Marquez. That caused blisters in "PacMan's" feet.
* The decision of the judges is under appeal.
* Pacquiao's camp has filed the appeal through appropriate channels and with supporting documents and evidence - unlike some politicians who claim "DINAYA AKO" without presenting any basis nor evidence for their allegations.

* Jasmine Trias, the lone Pinay remaining in American Idol, made it to the final three.
* Aiko is winning as councilor in QC.
* Alma Moreno and Joey Marquez lost in Paranaque as Mayor n congressman respectively.
* Anjo Yllana is winning as councilor

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