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Friday, May 21, 2004

phase-d0wn dinner

Some messages on my cellphone this morning:

Sent: 5/21/04 1:43:50 AM
From: Namfrel, Insan kOw
gud am! Ü cuz, there will
be a phase-d0wn dinner tmrw,
7pm at d NAMFREL HQS!
wear ur NAMFREL tshirt.
Ü have a nice day!


To: Namfrel, Insan kOw
Sent: 5/21/04 7:54:35 AM
From: Edwin
Kapigan ya , friday evening
o saturday evening?

Note: hinala ko medyo bangag pa sa puyat si insan. - edwin

Sent: 5/21/04 7:55:03 AM
From: Namfrel, Insan kOw
ngay0ng gbi po. dnt 4get 2
wear ur NAMFREL shirt! Ü

Note: tama ang hinala ko. - edwin

To: Namfrel, Insan kOw
Sent: 5/21/04 8:27:20 AM
From: Edwin
Okidoks, kitakits naani! Ü


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