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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

My first 9hr shift in NAMFREL

* I reported at 10pm for my 11pm to 8am call center duty.View Eleksyon2004 PhotoBlog
* I'm assigned to the mindanao desk which has arnd 17-20 volunteers
* Our team of three (Aris, Joe n I) are assigned to Tawi-Tawi.
* We are tasked to guide them in texting in the Election Returns (ERs) from their ten cities/municipalities.
* Only the provincial capital has cellphone signals.
* Some ERs will take three days to reach the capital.
* We've awoken many a tired minds to follow-up on statuses
* We're even gaining friends at the southern-most island of the Philippines.
* Ma'am Rose in Tawi-tawi is having pandesal for breakfast.
* We're awaiting our Tawi-Tawi friends to gather their texting volunteers so we can guide them in submitting their ERs.
* Tired eyes, lethargic muscles, edgy people who need sleep, quiet press people, phones incessantly ringing, CPUs humming ...
* Its day break in the Metro.
* Dawn of a new gov't administration. Or maybe not so new....


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