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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Walk the Talk, Work the Walk

I do a lot of SMS "work" while walking from school to the MRT station.

You see, during the day in school, I try not to be distracted by SMS. I put my phone in meeting mode. My phone neither rings nor vibrates while I'm in class.

But I do send out a few time-sensitive SMS's while in class. Shhhh! Walang sumbungan! On occassion, I send SMS while listening to my professor. Wait 'til grades come out and I'll tell you if I got away with SMSing while in class.

By class day's end, I check emails. Then I'm on my way home, through our school playground known as "Greenbelt", walking through the pedestrian walks, passing through Landmark, dodging fellow pedestrians, passing through Glorietta, getting through the security guards with magic wands and ending up at the MRT station.

While I walk, I got quite a lot of "work" done. I send SMS or e-mail replies from my phone. I make business calls. And of course, I update my wife of my whereabouts!

"Yes, hon, pauwi na po ako. Opo, bibili po ako ng suka at bagoong. Tsup! Ü"

- edwin
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