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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Misc Missing

There's a new Managemet course for people arranging pageants like Miss Universe, Miss Philippines, or Miss Dinalupihan and the like. The course is called Miss Management.

(Sina Tito, Vic at Joeeeey ...)

And then there's this true story about a friend who regularly gets Missed calls from her ... uhm ... Admirer.

When my friend asked the admirer why he keeps giving missed calls, admirer explained that...
A missed call means I miss you.
Ten missed calls means I miss you so much!
(... Barkada'y duuu-madameeee...)

Mush overload? Here's more, a text message that goes ...
I Miss you so! Konti nalang, I'll Misis you na!
Guess who's line that is ...

(Eeeeaaaat Bulaga!)

Miss-ter Edong
moblogging on Brosia
missing my homey


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