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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Kiss my Batt

I recently got a new cellphone battery for Brosia, my SmartPhone. Whoa, ganito pala ang pakiramdam ng may magandang battery. Liberating. I’m no longer tormented by my unpredictable and unreliable old cellphone battery.

Nuon, I’d have to bring along my charger wherever I go. I miss some calls because of lowbatt. Miscommunication abounds when SMS messages aren’t delivered on time.

I also stopped mobile blogging because it eats up my battery. I stopped reading e-books on Brosia.

But now, with my new batt, I’ll be able to do all that and more!Yey!

Just in time for my cross-country surface travel from Davao to Manila…

Kelan kaya ako magkakaruon ng pocket PC?

kiss my batt,
ka edong


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