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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Blog ang Mundo

Blog ang MundoI'm still amazed how my blogging has allowed me to interact with people around the world. My blogs have allowed me to communicate my ideas and have created an avenue for people to find me.

Just today, I received another e-mail from a Geneva-based professor working with an international organization. He sent me a few questions about m-commerce. He wanted to get my opinions for a paper he was writing.

In the past, I also got an offer to try out some mobile services. This was a direct result of my blog writing. Another time, I wrote about an imagined event: "Xtreme Blogging". A few days later, I was being asked for an appointment to talk about the event! Whoa, an idea that people just might entertain. Interesting...

I've also gotten a lot of help from people I refer to as "my online friends". I've had some real-life (tech) dilemmas and people have been kind enough to share their opinions. (See 2 laptops, 1 phoneline; File sharing puzzle)

Many times I've talked about a few of my ideas. And then I'd receive an e-mail or a comment relating my ideas to some real-life services or experiments or business propositions. Interesting. Interesting how this blog has opened my world.

I like being able to take snapshots of my thoughts, of my ideas, of my life and being able to read it in the future. I like being able to tell friends, "I agree with you! In fact I've written about that a few months ago!" I like the way my blog has allowed me to share my ideas and how it has opened doors for me.

It's nice discovering what blogging can do for me. I wonder what it's like for others. I pose this question to my readers:
How has blogging affected your life?
What has blogging done for you lately?

ka edong
blog ang mundo


  • At 8:10 pm, Blogger Dario said…

    i only started recently and i would have to admit, i am starting to get hooked. and apart from that, i think its a good outlet. you have a great thing going here. hopefully i could steer my blog into some productive direction like you have but for now its purely personal. :)

  • At 4:00 pm, Blogger Drake Darwin said…

    Its the same thing with me and I just started blogging lately. At first I was wonderin' what is this blogging is all about..... may bago na namang trend na pinapauso and I said "how would I know if I don't see and need to check it out muna siguro" Well true enough and my officemate were asking, hey, why are you laughing there? What's so funny? hehehehehe puwes alamin na lang ninyo siguro!

  • At 4:16 pm, Anonymous ka edong said…

    Keep on bloggin', Migraine Man, Drake Darwin!

    ka edong


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