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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Google Search TV!

I read an article last week on Asian Wallstreet Journal about one of Google's latest exploits.

Google's goal is to search ALL information on the globe.

Early this year, Google began an experiment that cached (i.e. stored) TV shows. It also stored transcripts of the shows. These transcripts were searchable.

A search for "sanity", for example, would show results of TV shows where the word "sanity" was used. Video clips (or was it the entire TV show?) would be available with the search results.

It won't be easy for Google. TV networks cry FOUL! Naturally. TV networks will claim intellectual property rights, of course. The sole right to do replays and get revenues from old TV shows -- that's what it is.

That's in Google labs. Let's see what happens to Google vs TV networks.

To Google: if you have a Google experiment that will attempt to search information in my brain, I'm a willing subject! Let's see if there's anything inside ΓΌ .

Google search DVDs

My friend and his wife went to the DVD mecca in Quiapo. He was awestruck at the immense collection of DVDs. Titles included old classics, art films and even Mc Gyver and Starsky & Hutch episodes.

He described the 2-block area of DVD shops as "better than the internet!"

My friend wanted a particular season of West Wing. They went to each stall but couldn't find the elusive DVD set.

Then they reached Mila - the "Google" of this DVD mecca as my friend described. My friend specified the DVDs he wanted and then he waited. Mila took off around DVD mecca and crawled her database. A few minutes later, Mila came back with the catch in hand.

"O, suki na tayo, ha. Balik kayo dito, ha" Mila said in a sing-song voice as she put the DVDs in a plastic bag.

My friend said: "Pwedeng i-test?" Ooops! Wrong move...

"Hinanap ko na nga yan para sa inyo, eh! Wala, walang test test kapag DVD Set. Hwag nalang!" Mila exclaimed in exasperation, tossing back the DVDs to the pile of other DVDs.

Aba! May temper itong search engine na ito. But aside from that, my friend has a newfound DVD suki - Google Mila.

Ka Edong
Gugo ... ang ginamit kong shampoo ko nuon


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