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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Blogging Resolutions

Last week, I scrounged around Kurdapia (my laptop) and Batito (my flashdisk) looking for some blog article drafts. I compiled them into a word document and found I had 12 pages (!) of article drafts!

I need to improve my blogging style if I want to catch up with my blogging thoughts. I want to blog meaningfully but I don't want blogging to take too much of my time.

So here's my blogging resolution:

* Mobile blog
* Blog short
* Write story summaries and then unravel the details in future posts (a tip from Yuga)
* Long article? Trim the fat before posting
* Imperfect post? Chill. Don't edit unless veeery important. Typos are tolrable.
* Don't bother editing the article for non-crucial additional info. Just use comments area.
* Keep within 500 words.
* Old drafts? Post it already, will you?

Let's see if these resolutions will come true.

- Edwin
aga elat para engued


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