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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

TV on her Tummy

Dove Image Model, larger than lifeThere's this humongous billboard at Guadalupe with a rather pretty "larger-than-life" model.

Couple of things:
* Rent at that gargantuan Lupe billboard cranks up to 6 Million pesos per month, I hear. Ang yaman ng advertiser? Ang yaman ng Lupe!


* The current advertiser is Dove for their Campaign for Real Beauty. A lady with a little more weight than your average image model. It says "Extra Large or Extra Sexy?". Tapos there's a tally of SMS votes. I had the impression the tally is real-time based on incoming SMS votes. That would have been interesting. But upon closer inspection, I think the numbers are manually replaced every so often.

* We could have done this for our previous presidential election! Brilliant idea, that Ad is, ha!
* But wait! What's this flickering TV-thingy on her belly? It's a Samsung TV and it took them a month before they finally got it to work. At one time they were testing it, they were showing korean advertisements.

* Now the TV displays the url and has a couple of Makati City ad campaigns

* Is the Lupe billboard still worth P6M? Even if the TV, 1/8th the size of the billboard, covers a big part of the billboard most of the time?

My vote? Extra-sexy.
My other vote? Tech wins over size.

ka edong


  • At 10:46 pm, Blogger Jepoy said…

    globe ang naka-advertise dyan before right?

  • At 10:52 pm, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    Yup, Globe was the first to take the entire spot. Tapos Sony Wega. Tapos ito na ata yung sumunod.

  • At 11:56 pm, Anonymous Jett said…

    Natawa ako dati sa Sony Wega na ad diyan. Ganda ng TV, tapos bigla na lang on my way to work one day, meron nang malaking Samsung TV sa harap niya -- di lang picture, gumagana pa (yung upper left nga lang ng screen). Sure enough, 1-2 weeks later di na Sony Wega ang ad. hehehe

  • At 2:09 am, Anonymous Paul said…

    That darned TV is very distracting especially at night - masyadong maliwanag, nakakasilaw na.

  • At 10:55 pm, Blogger Dario said…

    i think the thing costs more than what i've heard, its as high-up as 13M a month, although i have a feeling that's quite exaggerated already. :D


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