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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Connect Ka Diyan!

Two years back, I had to work closely with good friend Chris Lagman in organizing our High school reunion.

In the thick of all the coordination, we figured we had so many degrees of communication going between us.

Let's count: We used (1)e-mail, (2)Instant Messaging, (3)Texting (he even had two cellphones), (4)calls via Mobile phone, (5)calls via office landline and (6)face to face brown bottle "meetings". I found it a bit frightening when we found ourselves talking official stuff one Sunday afternoon via (7)home phone! "Oh no! wala na akong paka-wala sa iyo!!"

Now, there's less urgency in communicating with Chris. All previous modes of communication are still available. A recent addition is (8)Friendster and (9)Chris's online photo-gallery

Despite all the available media of communication, nothing compares to the cranial and cardiac connections we make through a face to face conversation ... coupled with brown ... , no, clear bottles of beer. We need to watch that belly, you see.

Chris! Kelan tayo? Clint, Sonia, Ilynn! Join us! Anybody else?

::April 22::
::typed on Brosia::

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