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Monday, May 03, 2004

Eleksyon na! Handa na ba tayow?

Dear all,

One week before the national elections. Pa-tulong naman, I have a few questions which I hope could help in preparing myself/ourselves for the elections.

1.) Do you have your list of candidates already?
2.) After being responsible voters, how else we can help in the Elections?

Edwin's answers:
1.) Do you have your list of candidates already?

Edwin's list as of May 3 (i'm not campaigning, just sharing):

President: Undecided yet (Choice between Roco and Villanueva)
Vice-President: Undecided (Probably Noli de Castro)

Rodolfo G. Biazon
Pilar Juliana S. Cayetano
Frank I. Chavez
Richard J. Gordon
(Ernesto F. Herrera)*
(Parouk S. Hussin)*
(Melanio L. Mauricio Jr.)*
Aquilino Q. Pimentel Jr.
(Amina T. Rasul)*
Manuel A. Roxas III
(Jose Y. Sonza)*
Perfecto R. Yasay Jr.
* still under consideration

I'm Still looking for an Indigenous People's Party List or an OFW Party List. Any recommendations?

Hope you can share your lists too. Do email me (directly or via this mailing list) if you want to share your thoughts or if you want to know why/how I chose my list of candidates. (Hehehe ... I still have to figure it out too!!!!) ;-)

2.) After being responsible voters, do you know how else we can help in the Elections?

Edwin's Answer: I'm still searching for an organization where I could volunteer my time and energy on election day.

Six years ago, I volunteered in preparing food (peeling and chopping potatoes! packaging food) for Namfrel volunteers. This year, I'm looking for a medyo "techie" volunteer post. If any of you knows of an organization I could volunteer for, do let me know. (email to Thanks!

Lastly, share ko lang a few sites/numbers which we all could browse to prepare and educate ourselves for the elections: (very informative!) (bottom of the list, guess why!)


Starting 1 May 2004, access to election related information is just five numbers away -- 10-149. For the first time in the history of our national elections, you can call 10-149 from a PLDT landline anywhere in the
Philippines for free, to talk to a tele-educator about the following:

· candidates' profiles and stand on issues
· party-list information
· your precinct number
· information for first time voters
· information on how to get involved in the elections
· where to get election resources from
· exit polls
· inquire about election related legal matters

Call 10-149 from a PLDT landline


COMELEC (as published in Bulletin yesterday):
(+02) 525-9345
(+02) 525-9294 to 96
(+02) 525-9301 to 02
(+02) 527-0847 / 6111

Philippine Information Agency (PIA):
1345 (from any PLDT phone)
or (+02) 981-5000

One week to go. Let's do our part.
With prayers for a peaceful and meaningful elections ...



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