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Friday, May 07, 2004

After the elections

A friend, hagee, pointed out in our batch mailing list that ...

"we virtually don't know if our representatives are doing the job we're paying them to do."
hagee continues ....
"Has anybody tried to get in touch with their congressperson? It is, after all what they're there for. TO REPRESENT."

Here's a brief rejoinder to hagee's email:

--- In "Tito S" wrote:
> I just realized that we don't have a report card for EVERYONE our
> legislature. There is no EASY way to get information on what the
> you voted for many years ago is performing to your expectations.

Hi Hagee, I agree that we should keep in mind that these politicians were "hired" to serve the people.

Some groups did their assignment and monitored the politicians for us. Here are some sites which provide some facts and evaluations of our politicians:
Transparent Accountable Governance
Executive Watch CongressWatch© Judiciary Watch Local Government Watch
Makati business club
click "congresswatch" and find CV, statement of assets and liabilities, expenditures, fund allocation, campaign spending, attendance and vote record.
From the Phil Center for Investigative Journalism.
Lots of juicy stuff about the politicians

keep the light, prepare thyself!


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