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Friday, May 07, 2004

Election Volunteers

From: "Edwin Soriano"
To: Christopher_Lagman
Sent: Thursday, May 06, 2004 10:45 AM

> Hi Chris,
> i was at the namfrel breifing last night. exciting! i'll be
> volunteering as a precinct election collector for namfrel, which i will
> forward to our mandaluyong namfrel head. tapos, via sms 8 [this is what
> im excited about], nationwide namfrel volunteers will be submitting
> precinct level results straight to namfrel HQ.
> i'll also be a watcher. and then will man the graveyard shift of may
> 10, 10pm to next day 7 am. the call center of namfrel will guide
> volunteers at field on how to submit election results of their
> precincts via sms. i've also offered to man the backend of the sms
> system and the phone system [120 phone lines].
> there's going to be a distribution of IDs on sunday, 2pm-5pm at lasalle
> greenhills. also to get to meet the respective teams and heads.
> if you come over on sunday
> 2pm, i think we can find a volunteer slot for you. there are still many
> volunteer slots available.
> txt me if i should expect you on sunday. btw, i'l be making an election
> blog. want to be a team mate in updating the blog? i want to make it a
> text blog plus photo blog plus mobile blog which i can update from my
> phone via email. and i plan to make a system where personal friends can
> send in sms, then i\ll post their sms on the same blogsite. i'm still
> looking for services to mend these all together, though.
> mabuhay! keep in touch.
> edwin

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