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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Tech Encounters: VideoConZilla

Tech Encounters is my new theme within TechnoBiography.

Tech Encounters are short stories of my casual encounters with technologies. I won't try to go into the specifics of the technologies. I'l focus more on describing my experiece (or lack thereof) with the technology.

VideoConZilla: The Global Distance Learning Center

You have Yahoo VideoCon and you have Yahoo VideoCon. It's videocon the size of a matchbox with the clarity of dirty contact lenses.

But what we have in AIM is VideoConZilla! It's giant VideoCon on two widescreens (approx 5'x6') connecting to as many as 5 locations around the globe in realtime.

This VideoConZilla is the Global Distance Learning Center (GDLC) at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM).

GDLCI attended a conference at the GDLC last friday at 4 o'clock in the afternoon ... or evening, or morning depending on whose time-zone. Our main speaker was French Economist, Dr. David Camroux in Paris (local time: 10am). His main audience was Manila with more than 80 listeners.

We also had an international audience from universities in Thailand, Australia, Sri Lanka and Korea. We had foreign students in most of these venues; Filipinos, Indians, Vietnamese, Germans, Czechs, Koreans, Thais and other nationalities in the 5 locations.

We were all simultaneously linked to these locations via video and audio. The GDLCs in each country had at least two broadband lines to accommodate all video and audio feeds from the other countries.

It was a nice experience. Our speaker had a "presence" in our room, he connected with us through his brilliance and sense of humor. He had rapport with his global audience, even if he was many oceans away. Through our VideoConZilla, our speaker was WITH us.

Unlike some speakers who can be so close yet so far away.

- Edwin
To follow: The modified open forum, talking mute & some GDLC conference photos.


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