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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I'm so Cheapo it Hurts!

(Sequel to Defrag)

My brother's PCBigat, the one I borrowed... it died. It was a hard and painful death.

First, PCBigat ailed with some bad sectors. Doctor Norton gave PCBigat some hard disk therapy. PCBigat recovered for sometime. But then, bad sectors struck back. PCBigat just couldn't take the disease eating away PCBigat's clusters. Then, after long nights of futile ScanDisk resucitation, PCBigat gave up. PCBigat's last words...
"Failed reading drive Abort, Retry, Ignore or Fail?"
Now PCBigat rests in pieces...

But then we now have PCMint. PCMint is around 3 years old and was put up for adoption by my wife's sister-NGO. We visited PCMint yesterday, tidied her up, gave her a new OS to wear and got ready to bring her to her new home. I was rather pleased with myself for getting this 2nd hand PC at such a low price.

I close my eyes and pray ... please don't loose my thesis ... I brought home PCMint and was so excited to see what she's got. And, lo and behold! she wouldn't boot! Tsk tsk tsk.

Tried out some hardware checks, BIOS settings and some solutions from the net. Nada. No boot. No life.

So here I am now, sweating it out, PCMint cuddled in my arms and on my way to a computer technician. It's like bringing a sick dog to the vet. Argh...the things I do to bag a cheapo deal.

- edwin

Update: She's alive. PCMint is alive and serving me well. I'll be writing my thesis on PCMint. Don't die on me, PCMint, okay?
Update again: She's dead again. Will re-install her OS when I get home tonight.

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