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Thursday, August 12, 2004

OT: You are Faster Than You Think

Nike has a new advertising campaign with the slogan: "You are faster than you think."

The campaign found its way to the pedestrian underpass beneath the Ayala-Paseo intersection in Makati.

You are sweatier than you thinkIt features large panels on the wall showing sweaty athletes, all pumped up and dressed in their sleek and suave designer Nike sports outfits.

What's fun about the ad is the three track lane right smack in the middle of the underpass. It makes you want to run.

Sabi nga ng former officemate kong si Katch tungkol sa mga Nike ads, "Nakikita ko pa lang, gusto ko nang mag-work out!"

Galing, 'ne? Effective. But I found it funny, and a bit of a mockery to have this "faster" ad campaign in Makati where the pace of pedestrians is thrice the pace of a Luneta stroll.

The what race?In this underpass, I stopped and watched people pass me by, walking frantically to their destination, rushing to their next appointment, next client call, next deadline, next delivery, next rendezvous ...

... I thought of just two words: Rat Race.

- edwin the rat
18 feet under, Paseo cor Ayala
*OT means: Over Time! Mga rat, OT palagi sa office!
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