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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Concept Phones and Services (Part I)

Scenario I: You're on your way to your office. You are in the middle cellphone conversation with a business associate. Then you reach your office. What do you do? Cut the conversation and tell him you'll call from the landline?

No need! As soon as you reach your office, the corporate network detects your Wi-Fi-enabled cellphone. The corporate network automatically shifts your cellphone call from GSM to VoIP without breaking your conversation. Neat, huh?

Scenario II: You want to buy a coke from a vendo machine or want to purchase a Slurpee at 7-11. There's no need to take out your wallet. Just call a number or text a message and you'll receive a barcode. Flash the barcode to the vendo machine and it's good as payment for your purchase.

Scenario III: You forgot the keys to your office front door. Not to worry, it's secured by a cellphone activated lock. Just call a number, enter your PIN via your cellphone. The door unlocks, your time-in is recorded and your start another exciting day at work.

Scenario IV: You're at the train station or at the movie house. You want to buy a ticket but there's a kilometric queue for tickets. Fortunately, your phone is equipped with a non-contact smart chip. You just need to flash it a few inches from a detector near the entrance, the fee is debitted from your phone and you gain entry.

Whatya tink? Thing of the future? A-a-a (with index finger swaying like a pendulum, and a manic grin) all these technologies and services exist already... in Japan!

Yup, I learned about these from various sources -- Asian Wallstreet Journal, Far Eastern Economic Review and that Japanese docu of 5-minute segments.

What's exciting is to come up with concept phones or services that are perfect for the Filipino lifestyle. What would it be? What services? What innovations? For whom? What do you have in mind?

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- edwin
in an impatient and sweaty crowd trying to get in the mala-sardinas na MRT


  • At 1:59 am, Blogger MyMaria said…

    the future is really somethin to look forward to..ain't it huh?

    but Filipino people should start reinventing themselves -- and by that I mean, they should be able to extend their patience when waiting in line and cleaning the mess they make when they eat at McDonalds.



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