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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Edong's Dreams - Taxi Beacon

When I need a cab, I activate my taxi beacon on my cellphone.

This will send an alert to all taxi drivers within 2 kilometers of my location. Through his cellphone, accredited taxi drivers will know my precise pick-up location and my destination.

I'll have my taxi at my doorstep within minutes. When I get ni the cab, my taxi's ID is recorded. I am secure.

The system is so effecient that taxi drivers will know where there are many passengers waiting. The system will announce to drivers when, for example, there's a concert or event that will end in 20mins and will require 50 or so taxi cabs.

Haggling is eliminated, taxi availability almost always approximates the demand for taxis.

Less gas wasted, less time wasted waiting for a cab, less headaches, secure.

Taxi cabs when and where you need them.

- Edwin
in a cab, running late for our team meeting

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