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Monday, July 19, 2004

First time, no sweat

There's always a first time.

First time kong sumakay ng Aircon Jeep ngayon. It's a jeep that plies a route called the Ayala Loop.

The driver is his own barker, leading the passengers through the door on the RIGHT side of the driver's seat. He has a mechanical lever so he can open and close the door from the driver's seat.

The driver is his own conductor. He passes out a small plastic basket. The passengers know the chore and each one drops in the P10 fare.

Aircon, walang pawis pag-dating ng office/school, mabilis, convenient. Suliiit! ΓΌ .

But it takes away my liesurely 10-minute walk in the soothing morning sunlight peeping through the Makati skyline. When I am not rushing, I'l take my walk instead of the aircon jeep.

- edwin
walang pawis, 7:40 on a Monday morning

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