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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Globe Callback Alert

I called you (2) time/s on 09/13/04 at 22:20. Please return my call at this number. Regular charges apply when you call or text back. *Globe Callback Alert*
"What's the value-added", I wondered about this Globe service.

My parents quickly figured it out before I did...
"Para mas-siguradon untawag ka ed saramay timawag ed sika", says my dad. (So that there's a better chance that you'd call back)
Ang galing galing talaga ng tatay ko, mana sa akin! ;-)

Some people don't know whether or not they received a missed call. To drive home the point, I just got this question from mom just now:
"Anto yay Call Register?" (What's this Call Register?)
If you, beloved reader, don't know what Call Register is, I suggest you ask your grandchildren, they would know.

Back to topic, other points about Globe Callback Alert
  • I wonder if Globe is really planning to continue this alert for all missed calls for all Globe subscribers. Will they start charging for this service in the future? Will people buy it?
  • If there are, say, 4 million missed calls and 4 million text alerts, won't that substantially add unnecessary txt traffic and network traffic?
  • Isn't this sms spam?
  • Isn't this a service that's useless to 90% of subscribers?
Just my thoughts -- too many un-valuable Value Added Services (UVAS), too many un-matched info or entertainment needs of subscribers.

Telcos should improve on helping subscribers avail of useful and customized services instead of SMS spamming the entire buong madlang pipol advertising the latest ringtone or latest UVAS.

My mom has a perfect word for these spam messages: "Mapaka-syudot!" (Nakaka-imbiyerna!)

- edwin
last hours in Baguio...

Mental note: I should tryout the customizable menus of AddictMobile.
Readers: Have you tried the customizable SIMs? How well do they work? Tell me about it!
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