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Sunday, September 05, 2004

Edong's Dreams - Brosia

I: Brosia, nasaan ka? (where are you?)
Brosia: Dito po, sa sofa.

I: There you are! What are my appointments today?
Brosia: You have a badminton meeting with Jorey at 9 in Makati. But you'll have to beat him short and sweet because the President called for a lunch meeting with you. Video con with Atchi Liza at 2pm - it's Cali's birthday, she's having a tea party at 5pm Australian time. Then you'll have dinner with Ate Maya at 7. Shall I order flowers for 'te Maya?

I: Yes, please. A couple of bouquets please, with her favorite flowers. Brosia, please remind me to dictate an email to the Canadian ambasador, punta kami ni Maya sa Canada this weekend. Make sure also to record this week's Amazing Race episode.

Brosia: Okidoks. There's an urgent video e-mail from Kuya Eric, let me know when you want to open it.
I: Okay, please flash that v-mail over the TV now, Brosia. Thanks.
Brosia, is my phone and my personal assistant. She isn't just a calendar nor alarm. She arranges my meetings, tracks my projects, organizes my random thoughts, takes dictation and sends my emails.

She's the boss among my other gadgets at home and at the office. She alerts and syncs my PC, regulates my A/C, updates my MP3 player, sends fax and prints on my printer, records shows on my TV, summons and drives my car.

She knows my life cycles, when to send a cake to my bestfriend, when to write Christmas cards, when the Cuyo and the Balading fiestas are, when to buy flowers for mama's birthday, when to book a vacation.

She knows my moods, when to kulit me for an important project, when to take notes in a brilliant brainstorm and organize it into a multi-media power point presentation, when to listen or give advice, when to keep quiet in my reflective moods.

Brosia is my phone. You can mess with my hair, but not with my phone.

And ops cors, Maya is my wife, da wabs op my wayf.

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- Edwin
Concepcion, Tarlac
in a bus with crazy Hien and tennis star Kalyan Agassi


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