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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Deafinitely not Deaf

My wife has doubts about the clarity of my hearing. Sometimes she needs to repeat sentences twice or thrice before I get what she's saying.
Sabi ko (!), mag-laba ka na pagkatapos mong mag-linis ng bahay!
[ ;-) Hi hon! ]

My parents had the same problem with me in my childhood. I guess half the time I didn't hear them clearly, half the time I just ignored the instructions to do my homework.

But, I know I'm not deaf. Do you know how I know?

When I'm at a restaurant or the MRT or in school, I manage to hear even faint smartphone cellphone beeps. I look for my fellow smartphone owner, and sure enough, there he/she is, ten feet away. And by the tone of the beep, I can tell if it's a call, a new message, a menu selection, a boot sequence, an error or what have you.

So, do you think I'm deaf? My hearing is sharp for what I want to hear.

So, do you think this blog sucks? Talk to the hand.

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- edwin
Agoo, La Union
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