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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Bogged Blog Bummer

My blogging speed has been reduced.

In the past, I've been able to think, write, edit, post articles from my phone to the web all within 5-10mins. The only slow poke was my thumb which couldn't keep up with my thoughts.

But Blogger has had some technical problems since late October. A server or two bogged down. And there were delays in delivery of e-mails sent to Blogger supposedly for instant posting to the web. There were times when my articles didn't get posted until a day or two after.

Ain't that a bummer?!

Since then, I haven't been posting articles as fast as before. And my thoughts would evaporate before they see print.

So now I'm posting via email from my phone on thursday and expecting this article to appear on friday or saturday.

My next article: Dual SIMs, Multi SIMs, and all that SIMs.

- edwin
late for Prof Limlingan's class


  • At 12:32 pm, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    uy! it's back! posting is back to normal!

    i'm back to speed now ... except that i have so many papers to write.

    bummer pa rin ...


  • At 2:59 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It used to happen to me almost all the time when I was still using the SMS e-mail to post to another blog.


  • At 7:50 am, Blogger Mud's Tests said…

    Thanks for posting your status on "how long it takes" for e-mail to appear as a blog. Didn't realize it was so slow: More

  • At 9:42 am, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    hi test-blogger,

    actually, the lag has reduced already. for example, this post was up within a few minutes after sending it via phone-to-bloggerEmail.

    goodluck with your blog!
    ka edong

  • At 11:57 am, Blogger Mud's Tests said…

    Rock on. I also expanded the discussion on e-mail-to-blogger here and here


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