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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Second Sun

I just got my second Sun SIM. Here are some Sun stories and some more Sun tips.

I gave my first Sun SIM to my mom yesterday. I hope kuya taught her how to use it. She might need to switch SIMs and that isn't easy for her.

Now we'll be able to cele-babad with mom. The downside is, she reported getting a headache the last time we did celebabad. She thinks the long exposure to the cellphone gave her the headache. I think the extended conversations with any of her mentally retarded sons gives her headaches.

My classmates and I were at 70's Bistro for the Beatles night. It was jam packed! Smokey, sweaty and noisy. I decided to dial-a-friend (doesn't that sound familiar ... "Goodbye!"). So I called Rosana's Sun cellphone from my Sun cellphone. She answered. I felt a hard slap on my shoulder. It was Rosana who was seated next to me. I was calling Sun-to-Sun to my seatmate.

I passed the phone to Dikoy. And, amidst the noise, smoke and loud chatter of people, they were able to talk from opposite sides of the table. Their call lasted for more than ten minutes. All this for free and brought to you by Sun Cellular.

This is the kind of irresponsible cellphone usage that shouldn't be tolerated! Kids, don't do this at home! Making these kinds of calls needlessly clogs up the Sun network. Sige tayo, the Sun subscribers will be on the losing end if too many irresponsible cellphone users like me make useless calls from across the table.

The suggested retail price of the Sun SIM is P150. But these SIMs are selling like hotcakes - so hot that some cellphone stalls sell them for P180 to P200 each! Ahhh, The LOSS of supply and demand.

Tip: When I buy Sun SIMs, I ask how much it is. If they over-price, I move to the next stall without batting an eyelash.

I also buy at stalls. There's a better chance of choosing an easy to remember cell number like 092x4844884. Doesn't that number rock?

Tip: I just inspect the dozen or so SIMs that the stall has and see if they have a nice number on stock - one that rocks.

In the Sun Shops in malls, it isn't as easy to choose a nice number. I think they usually just give you one SIM from their stock. And then you're stuck with a random number like 092x3957428. Doesn't that number suck?

Blogging while walking. I haven't done this in a long time.

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