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Friday, November 12, 2004

Tech FriEDay - Whoa, they're giving away cash!

Globe is giving away G-Cash when subscribers load their pre-paid cellphones through AutoloadMax at Mercury Drug counters.

Load P50-P99 at Mercury and you get P25 G-Cash. Load P100-P150 and you get P50 G-Cash.

This is the boldest promo of G-Cash I've seen so far. It's like giving out cash. The P25-P50 G-Cash received through the promo allows the subscriber to purchase items using G-Cash.

I was starting to wonder if Globe had that much money to throw away. The simple answer is: "Yes, they do!" We all know that the two Telcos are raking in millions of pesos everyday from the 23+ million Filipino cellphone subscribers.

But come to think of it, they're able to give G-Cash just by making some of their cellphone load "free".

Example, I load P150 at Mercury, I get P50 G-Cash. All Globe is doing is -- Globe takes my P150, converts P50 to G-Cash, converts the remaining P100 to P100 worth of load, and finally gives me P50 worth of load for free. Gets? Thus, for my P150, I get P50 of G-Cash and P150 worth of load.

Neat, huh? This promo is good for Globe, it will accellerate the adoption of G-Cash.

By the way, downside is - the G-Cash isn't creditted immediately. The G-Cash will be creditted within 48 hours of loading at Mercury. Sayang. It would be a lot better kung instant G-Cash agad. Para magamit na agad yung G-Cash habang andun ka sa Mercury.

I don't get the logic behind this promo's delay in G-Cash delivery. Any ideas?

- Edwin
Pagdating ni Tita Iam

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