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Friday, October 29, 2004

Addict n G-Cash Posters n Print Ads

Ahhh, things we pick-up from "Posters and print-ads"...

Here are some developments with Addict Mobile and G-Cash...

Addict Mobile now has AMP - Addict Mobile Prepaid.

Hmmm... I wonder, aren't they ruining the "sosyal" and "cool" and "hip" image of Addict Mobile by introducing this pre-paid service?

Doesn't it hurt the bourgouise (whew! Ang hirap ispellingin! Tama ba yun??) if any kanto boy can get the same sosyal content made just for Addict Mobile? Won't the Rockwell kids, Greenbelt 3 Yuppies and Eastwood CSRs and IT guys complain when they see a taxi driver downloading THEIR Cheska Diaz MMS pics?

"Pare, did you see that jologs guy pare? He had Amanda's pics in his cellphone, pare! It's so sagwa, pare, it's so not right!"

By the way, I'm on Addict Mobile... I'm one of the jologs burgiz. Zee yet.

Globe, on the other hand stepped-up its G-Cash promo. New post-paid subscribers get free G-Cash equivalent to twice the monthly subscription. For example, if you get a plan 1200, you pay P1,200 monthly but you get P2,400 worth of G-Cash upon subscription.

They're giving away cash! ...
Well, G-Cash and that's almost cash. I wonder if they're giving away the G-Cash in lump-sum and at the start of subscription. I suspect that they're giving the G-Cash in monthly installments.

Pwede... Pwede...

But shouldn't Globe be promoting G-Cash more aggressively to existing Globe subscribers instead of new subscribers? Do they think G-Cash is a compelling reason to shift Globe from Smart or Sun? Ako, I'm willing to get a part-time PRE-PAID Globe SIM if only to be able to us G-Cash.

But that's just me.

- Edwin

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