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Saturday, October 30, 2004

AMP! Addict Mobile Amplified

I grew up in Baguio. I remember how San Miguel Beer and Nestle and all the big consumer companies would flock to Baguio to promote their products to tourists in Baguio during holidays like this.

I'm elsewhere in the Philippines with Maya and this place is filled with posters and promo stalls and those big baloons and tents. But it's not San Mig. It's Smart and their new product: Addict Mobile Prepaid (AMP). Here's the thing...

I've sent in a previous article about AMP, but apparently, it's clogged in the cyberspace and still making its way to my blog. (Starting to be dis-satisfied with Blogger).

Back to Topic, AMP is just what it's labelled as -- A prepaid version of Addict Mobile. I'm on Addict Mobile. I got on Addict Mobile only because I wanted to avail of the SmartPhone last year.

Addict Mobile mainly caters to the Class A and B crowd. It has all these socialite, gorgeous, hunky image models endorsing it. And much of the content is .... let's say ... far from "pang-masa".

But coming out with a prepaid version of Addict Mobile strikes me as counter-intuitive.

Nevertheless, I investigated last night with Maya in tow.

Two key features of Addit Mobile Prepaid:

  1. It's prepaid. Whereas Addict Mobile is postpaid, the release of AMP makes the service more accessible to more (common) people.
  2. Lower MMS rates. They still don't have brochures with rates written down. But I gather from the AMP promo ladies (they call them "models") that MMS sending is down to P3. This is cheaper than the P5 prevailing rates of other SIMs (Smart and Globe).
That's it. Those are the only major features I've seen that sets AMP apart.

Well, that P3 per MMS sent (person-to-person) is going to be a trend-setter. I forsee both Smart and Globe (and probably Sun) bringing down the costs of MMS person-to-person sending.

Lower costs are always good for us cheapos.

- Edwin
partying on ... Station 168

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  • At 12:59 pm, Blogger Warren said…

    i wonder why i can't resist reading things which has the phrase "San Miguel Beer" on it. :).

  • At 5:31 pm, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    Hey warren!

    hahhaa! I just got a tip from you! i should pepper my posts with keywords like "Tanduay" or "Bilog ang Mundo" or ... what's her face ... "Maureen Larrazabal" ...


    ka edong


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