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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

G-Cash - My Accidental Friday G-mmick (Part 1 of 3)

I tried out a couple of G-Cash services last Friday. There were a couple of bloopers, sad stories as well as moments of delight.

This is going to be a long three-part article, so here's the short of it: G-Cash is highly versatile and will be used in many so ways. But people will take time and effort to adjust to G-Cash transactions. Moreover, they'll need more compelling reasons to use G-Cash. The service is still in its infancy, and there's a lot of room to improve the service.

See what I went through to try out this new creature called G-Cash...

I. Mercury

My first attempt to use G-Cash was at Mercury drug. I took a pack of Clorets then told the cashier that I was paying with G-Cash.

"G-Cash?" says the cashier, "Sir paki, tanong nalang yung customer service."

The customer service lady took out a folder of announcements. It turns out, not all Mercury Drug branches accept G-Cash payments. Currenty, around 104 Mercury branches around the Philippines can take G-Cash payments. Herks.

II. National Bookstore

I went to two different branches of National to try out G-Cash. I was the first G-Cash customer for both cashiers at the customer service desks.

When we made the G-Cash transaction, the managers as well as a handful of staff were there looking on. They observed my G-Cash transaction closely. They looked like they were examining an exotic animal -- G-Cash, not me!

I filled-up a small piece of paper with my name and mobile number. The cashier entered the purchase amount, a transaction code and the Branch m-PIN (mobile Personal ID Number) in the Globe cellphone of the branch then sent the SMS message.

A split second later, I received this message:
NBS Glorietta requests to deduct 35.00 of G-Cash from your wallet. Send YES 12813835 if you want to confirm.
I confirmed by replying as instructed including my m-PIN. Another split-second later, the cashier receives a confirmation that my G-Cash payment has been made. I also received confirmation and my G-Cash balance statement.

The National Bookstore cashiers said that the transaction is easy enough to do. It's very similar, they say, to a credit card transaction. In fact, "G-Cash" is listed in their cash-box computers in the list of credit cards, below BPI-Mastercard, EquiPCI etc.

National will be a good way to be acquainted with G-Cash. Just go straight to customer service and say you're paying via G-Cash.


Globe's Cash-In List says ALL LBC branches can accomodate cash-in transactions (convert cash to G-Cash).

I tried to cash-in P500 through LBC. The first LBC branch had their Globe cellphone in a locked drawer. Blooper! They couldn't entertain my transaction so I was referred to a second LBC branch.

At the 2nd LBC, I was told that their computers aren't equipped yet for G-Cash transactions. They say their IT department hadn't changed their computer program yet. Blooper!

Harghs! Why am I putting up with this?!

But it doesn't end there. You've got to hear my experiece with Burger King and two Globe Hubs...

(To be continued tomorrow...)

- Edwin

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  • At 12:34 am, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    apologies to those who are waiting for Part II of this article.

    I'm at a place where I couldn't send my article from my phone. Will have to wait 'til i get back in manila.

    thanks for your patience!



  • At 10:46 pm, Anonymous IvoRY said…

    aba ayus pala itung G-Cash na itu.. hmm... sa Globe lng pala yan..
    may kaibigan aku nsa Japan di ku masydu alam detelyadu kung panu nagwowork ung sa "semi-G-Cash" nila.. 'di ko rin alam saktu tawag... parang ganyan din ang tema.. pero kung tma ang pagkakaala-ala ko sa nsabi nya.. pwede ata gamitin sa mga convenience stores sa knila.. 'di ko lng alam kung kgaya rin ng satin.. na parang pasalod lng..

    Ka Edong salamat sa pag esplika...

    Mabohay Ka!


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