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Friday, December 03, 2004

Text Relief Drive - Text Donate (addendum)

(Sequel to: Text Relief Drive)

It could be formatted this way:
Text "Donate (Organization/Company Name) (Your Name)" and send to 12*4
Example. from my cellphone, I send:
Donate AirfagevClub Edwin
I receive:
Thank you Edwin for donating to the typhoon victims. Proceeds of your text-donation will help in the relief operations for the typhoon victims.

AirfagevClub's total text-donations as of 2 Dec 11:41pm: 13,392 text-donations. You can text-donate as much as you want.

Tell your friends to text-donate too. Tell them to text: "Donate AirfagevClub (Your Name)" and send to 12*4
Do you think the Telcos have the guts to implement this? Tell it to their CEOs.

- Edwin

Read about how Airfagev and other communities "raised funds" to support their Community for the Web Awards: Web Awards People's Choice - Vote ko 'to


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