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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Converged Machines (Part I)

To gadgets enthusiasts, don't be fooled. This isn't about consumer electronics. :-p

POS MachineEver notice that herd of 5 or more machines next to kaheras in department stores? The ones that slurp your credit card or where you finger in your PIN and it spits out your receipt.

They're called Point-of-Sale machines (POS). They have at least a card reader, a keypad, an LCD display and a printer for those credit card payments. And each bank or credit card network has their own POS machine.

That's why there's a herd of them taking up so much real estate on those cashier tables. It's quite a hassle for the kaheras. Sometimes she could get strangled when the POS's "tail" (those twirly cables that connect the POS to the cash register) get entwined in other POS's tails.

Well, SM slaughtered these herds of unruly POS machines. The POSse is gone and solo mighty POS took their place.

Mighty POS (I just named it such) handles all cards from BPI-EPS, MasterCard, Visa, Electron, Equi-PCI, SmartMoney, BDO cash card and whatever have you. Mighty POS is complete with keypad, card reader (slurp!) LCD display, printer and that twirly tail! Kulang nalang ay bar code scanner to read price tags and bluetooth to eliminate that twirly cable.

Systems converged. That's a big plus for SM as they've eliminated thousands of POS machines which is a potential source of thousands of problems. They've regained their precious kahera desk real estate. Now the cashiers have space to lay down when tired ;-p !

Mighty POS is also good for any other new entrants in the credit card biz. New companies no longer need to provide any additional POS machines.They just need to integrate with Mighty POS.

That's also good news for G-Cash. I can imagine that we will one day be able to pay SM via G-Cash through Mighty POS.

SM won't need a hundred G-Cash cellphones (one per kahera) to accept G-Cash payments. I imagine that an SM mall will need just one GSM modem connected to the system running Mighty POS's (Mighty POS's boss).

POSible? Elbisop!
Pwede? Edewp! ;-p

- Edwin? Niwde!

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  • At 9:16 pm, Blogger andre faura said…

    yeah, ka edong, i get. you know i don't mind romancing
    those posse machines with my credit card but sometimes
    i rant all the way home when all i get is a Piece Of S..t

  • At 11:26 am, Blogger the rocketboy said…

    congrats tsong! Cool blog!

  • At 3:39 pm, Blogger October 30 said…

    New Zealand has a solution to POS integration. Here there are two networks that handle eftpos (debit) and credit card purchases and are fully interconnected, EFTPOS New Zealand owned by ANZ National Bank and Paymark a consortium of ASB, BNZ, National and Westpac Banks. When a merchant signs up to either company and also accepts credit card transactions it can accept payments from any eftpos card issued in New Zealand and almost all credit cards issued worldwide.

  • At 1:12 pm, Blogger Red Edge said…

    Nice article dude! Although the concept of integration is no longer an idea, most of what you have discussed (as in SM) is already being practiced elsewhere. Here the price a bank needs to pay for that piece of POS pie is "rental fee". If you're a bank or an acquirer, in order for your card to be honored in one of these "integrated" terminals, a monthly rental fee and other misc. fees (depends on the arrangement) will be required.

    What the POS owner does is to simply key in your cards numeric card ranges and dial-up. It's sometimes done programmatically on the pos, or through a simple reconfiguration. Most "modern" terminals have the ability to download programs to itself and update automatically.

    In summary SM is the owner of the terminals. Not only do they clean up the cashier desk nicely, they also get a nice piece of the pos rental fee pie. Now that's a smart way to do business.. (lol)

  • At 6:22 pm, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    Thanks for your comments, andre, rocketboy, nzander.

    hi red edge,

    salamat sa input. salamat sa info. you know your stuff well. ;-)

    ka edong


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