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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Webby Awards People's Choice - Choice ko 'To!

Eversince the Philippine Web Awards introduced SMS voting for People's Choice Awards, I regarded the award less of a popularity contest and more of a "paramihan ng load (read: pera)" contest.

airfagev!I'm part of an online community, Airfagev, that's in the running for the "Community" category of the Philippine Web Awards. Airfagev is a community of SmartPhone users where visitors get to exchange tips and tricks, files, programs, skins, tones and, most importantly, build friendships! [The other website in that "Community" category is Global Pinoy.]

I don't like the SMS voting. It's a money making scheme, that's what it is. Whoever has more money will win - that's the bottom line. Of course, the more supporters, the more votes cast (and the more revenues for the telco and the SMS voting engine).

If I were to create a voting system that's really more of People's Choice, I wouldn't allow the same phone to vote for the same website more than once. Thus, it's the number of voters who voted for the site, and not the amount of load a voter has.

Nevertheless, both communities were texting like crazy to beat the deadline earlier today at 12 noon. I saw the votes pile up right before my eyes while I texted in my own share of votes! Ang daming gumagastos para sa kanilang sariling community. Each text vote costs P2.50 per send.

It was a very close call. Around 1400+ 14,000+ votes (worth almost P4,000 P35,000!) for each community at the end of voting period kaninang tanghali. We'll find out the final results later at the awards.

Bottom-line for me: The airfagev members have shown how much support it gives to the community. Not just in terms of votes, but more importantly, in terms of volunteerism, support (moral and technical support), friendship and even long term relationships.

We live, we learn, we chat, We are Airfagev! A community, a family! Truly-ly! [jump]

Mabu-hey ang Airfagev!

ka edong

It was, not Global Pinoy, that we were up against afterall. Kaanib put out more than 10,000 SMS votes in the last 12 hours of voting period. Airfagev didn't get the People's Choice award for the Community Category (that one went to Kaanib). Airfagev didn't get the award either for Judge's Best Community Website (that went to Global Pinoy).

We did walk away, however, with a special award though from Microsoft. More than that, we've walked away with the recognition that an online community spread across the globe CAN get together for a cause that they believe in.

To everybody at Airfagev, thank you for showing me that a virtual online community like Airfagev is so real.

- edwin
aka Ka Edong

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  • At 2:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ka ed, thanks a lot for the write-up. You're right kung paramihan lang ng bumoto, maybe it's us who will stand there proud. Sadly, it's not like that.

    Re Best Website, i think GP scored more on the aesthetic side and that challenged us to do something better. Our site is just simple in terms of design but it's best when it comes to interactivity. For a Best Website it should be both. Personally, I am more of a programmer and less of an artist. Since, we have many designers and artists in airfagev we'll call them to create a homepage layout for us out of their creativity. That will be a contest and whichever the members (by votes) will decide to have that will be the new look of airfagev next year. New year! New look!

    Lastly, thanks to Microsoft Phils. for the special award. It's a surprise! Thanks for being there to share this blessing. Mabuhay ang airfagev! Mabuhay ka ka ed! - rey

  • At 5:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ka Edz, tama ka sa point mo. paramihan lang talaga sa pera. tubig na lang yan sa ilalim nang tulay (tama ba yun? wahihi). we'll do better next time. rest assured na ma religious, NGO, commercial, or kung ano ano pa ang makalaban natin sa susunod. we will prevail. it's a lesson for all of us to do better next time. Mabuhay ka Ka Edong and more power.
    Mabuhay ang Airfagev Community. Love ko 'to. Hehehe.
    aka nokens_69


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