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Friday, November 26, 2004

Cellphone Snatcher Bitten by Bulldog

Here are excerpts from an on Computerworld Philippines entitled "Anti-theft solution for mobile phones developed":
“Bulldog protects your mobile phone from thieves,” Jayree Chua, president of Bulldog’s creator Boogs Software, told Computerworld Philippines in an interview.

“If your cellphone is stolen, you can simply activate your Bulldog by sending a text message – accompanied by your activation code – to you phone number. When the code is activated, the phone’s keypad and power will be deactivated, rendering your mobile phone useless.”

True to its name, the Bulldog application will trigger a loud and non-stop barking sound once activated. This alarm is enough to attract attention to the phone, its location, and its current handler.
My Comments:
  • Distribution of the App is through "peddlers" - individuals who install the app from their own gadgets. This will be a slow distribution model.
  • P350 - not bad
  • only the high-end series 60 Nokia models and Sony Ericsson handsets are capable of supporting the Bulldog applicatio
  • They should start distributing it Over The Air (OTA) and collect payments via G-Cash
Grrrrrrrr Arrrrf!

- Edwin

Read the Complete article on Computerworld:
Anti-theft solution for mobile phones developed
by Grace S. Clavecilla, Senior Writer; Computerworld Philippines

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