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Monday, January 17, 2005

Games and Gadgets fest

From Migs blog:
The Games and Gadgets festival was held at the SM Megamall last weekend. I went there but didn’t look around much - just talked to the TipidPC people and had some deals. I didn’t get to see the hardware booths. Never mind the gadget booths, you guys know that I have an anti-gadget agenda.

Since I’m not into - correction, I’m against - the MMOG wave - I wasn’t amused by the overabundance of local franchisees and licensing pandering the wares. If only they had something original to offer, but no … just corrupting the youth, in my biased opinion. I would be a little more forgiving if only they had more to offer than anime knockoffs.

Links to the pics here.

The nastiest picture exemplifies the Pinoy (male) cosplayer community’s fantasy. What was she thinking? Wardrobe malfunction?

I Posted this comment ...
was there too. thought i'd get to take some gadgets for a ride. but there weren't many gadgets there. mabuti pa yung roadshow ng mph.

I did get to interrogate the bulldog (cellphone protection software) guys, though. ( ; old post - ). The bulldog bite is getting tougher .... but i have this feeling the snatchers and greenhills guys will still outdo the bulldog.

but, yeah, ang daming gamers! ang daming games! i'm no gaming enthusiast. pero, it's a big industry. a friend shared that he dreams of "professionalizing" gaming in the philippines. Like making a living out of gaming and setting "certification" standards for gamers (or was it for game developers?). I have ideas about making a living out of gaming ... but that's another article.

When i read "Wardrobe malfunction" -- I had to click it! haha! but, (grin gone) got a loose link though.



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