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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

OT: and then I babbled ...

I have a couple of tech blogs to write pa. Among them

  • All that SIMs (Three part series)
  • Textiquette
  • Broadband over Power Line (BPL)
  • Dummy for the Snatcher
  • Merry Christmas, Darling
But I digress a while and allow myself to babble ... just a few tiny babbles...
  • I couldn't deny that I'm rather pleased about getting a citation from Philippine Blog Awards. But it also made me re-think what my blog and my blogging is all about.

    Is it still fun? Shouldn't I be doing other things? Isn't my blog too informational? Isn't my writing too shallow? (note to self: be good to urself, bro! lighten up!)

  • I went blog hopping and have seen how much alive and kick-ass the pinoy blogosphere is. Which makes me agree with ka-awardee Batjay of KwentongTambay that many other bloggers deserve the award.

  • I observed how prolific many bloggers are. Shouldn't I be as prolific? But isn't that contrary to my idea of "Blog, don't clog"?

    Who is to judge whether my blogging is meaningful?

    Well, first - myself. Second - you, my readers.

    Is my blogging meaningul to me? Is my blogging meaningful to you? And to fellow bloggers, is your blogging meaningful to you?

  • I also observed how humor draws crowds to a blog. Just take a look at Chona in the City and KwentongTambay. They've got a huge following as shown by the comments from their visitors. Kainggit! Mga iba kasi diyan, di nag-susulat, eh! (note to schizophrenic self: makisama ka naman!)

  • And then I still envy bloggers who are able to write about different themes. Like blogging veteran SassyLawyer and kaibigang Arnold Gamboa.

    I'd love to write more about non-tech stuff without having to label it OT (Off-Topic). I'm still wishing blogger could catch up soon with TypePad and WordPress as far as features are concerned. I don't have the time nor energy to migrate.

  • And then I stumbled upon Wilson Ng's BizDrivenLife. Wonderful writing! Very insightful. Let me share excerpts of e-mails I sent to Wilson:
    Hi Wilson,

    "Pwede ba kitang maging idol?"

    hehehe. isn't that enough to disarm you? ;-)

    my brother and i read through your blog last night. ang dami naming nakuhang insights. thus, having even more insights of our own after reading your articles.

    After going through a couple of blogs since yesterday (wanted to see how the pinoy blogosphere is doing), i'm thinking of moving on to more insightful blogs similar to yours. Ang galing eh. I feel it would be more gratifying than the present theme of my blog .... (another one i find insightful is by jim paredes)

    I'll be a regular visitor at your blog. Looking forward to more reflections!


    Excerpts from Wilson's reply:
    Hi Edwin,

    Thanks for your note. I learned a lot also from your blog, particularly cell phones, especially sun's offerings. We currently added 6 sun numbers to our office so some of us could call each other more often ...

    Also thanks for Jim's links. I read his articles on the mag, and he is a great guy.

    ;-) Am glad may napulot din si Wilson sa blog ko.

  • So here's the babble:
    I'll take a little time out from blogging on Technobiography. This is the right time for me to ease up on "extra-curricular" and focus more on my "day job" - learning. And I hope this tiny break I'm taking will lead to more insightful articles when I do come back.

  • Ang sarap siguro to be able to write like Wilson or Jim or Chona or BatJay. But of course, we start from where we are. We start from our reality, what we are now, where we are now.

  • Thus, instead of dreaming of being able to write what I cannot write yet(!), I'll start "slow by slow" (ika nga ng aking kuya). I'll start from Na-gets ("nuggets").

  • I invite everyone to visit my other blog, a little collection of na-gets. Insights and thoughts I pick up from school, from kids, from books, from life.

Thanks to Maya for all your patience. You make me less abnormal! :-D

Thanks to all readers and regular visitors. You know who you are. I'll be back on Technobiography by January... Or until I couldn't help but post! Ha! ;-)

In the meantime, have some na-gets!

Maligayang Pasko!

- Edwin -- Technobiography by Ka Edong


  • At 2:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Ka Ed,

    First I would like to share this quote from our CEO's page.

    "You stop learning, you stop growing. You stop growing, you die."

    So, whatever you think is right, whatever you think is better, whatever it is that makes you happier and more fulfilled as a person and as writer...go for it!

    Mabu-hey ka!



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