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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Converged Machines (Part II) - ec as wan tu tri

Another converged machine brings together cell card numbers and PINs of various pre-paid services into just one gadget. At 7-11 stores, you can purchase pre-paid cell"cards" of Globe, Smart, Sun Cellular and PLDT Teletipid/Telesulit...

Normally the PINs of these pre-paid cards are printed on plastic cards which you need to scratch to reveal the pertinet numbers. But with 7-11's ecPay, you receive a piece of paper which has the PIN printed on it. The paper is printed only upon your purchase. Numbers are hidden in between two sheets of paper.
image borrowed from ecPay without permission

Bottom-line: with ecPay's system, ANY pre-paid card could be peddled through 7-11. It's just a matter of integrating with the ecPay system.

Thus, ideally and theoretically, even internet cards, Level-up or Ragnarok game cards, any call card can be sold through the ecPay system.

For that matter, even G-Cash "cash-in" numbers can be sold there too. I give the 7-11 cashier P500 plus P10 service charge, the cashier gives me an ecPay receipt containing G-Cash numbers. I key in the number and PIN and viola! I've got G-cash!

That's G-Cash "money changing" without any additional POS, without any additional cashier cellphone nor any additional infrastructure.

- edwin
thinking out loud, blogging through my ayala center playground

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