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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Digital luggage - Evacuating a Burning PC

Edwin and Maya, CD Burning
I was with FIT-ED for around 3 years from 2001-2004. The last work-PC I used at that office was filled to the brim with files - work-related files and some personal files. When it was time to leave, it wasn't a breeze leaving all my 3 years worth of files.

This what I went through:
Organize and backup official files
CD burn official emails
CD burn personal photos
Delete unnecessary files
It wasn't easy... I went through many folders to determine which to keep, which to junk. Frankly, it felt a lot like moving out of a house.

What's funny is that among the first things I moved out of my PC were:
my many digital photos.

Reminds me of a question I was asked when I was in college:
Q: "After all lives are saved from your burning home, what *thing* would you save to avoid losing it?"

A: My answer: Photo Albums

Some parallelisms of my digital life and my so called real life.

ka edong
digital kargador


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