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Friday, September 23, 2005

Blog =? Gold

Can bloggers turn their Blog into Gold? Some can, some do, most don't.

Picked this up from fellow Pinoy.Tech.Blogger Marc Macalua:
Can blogger Strike it Rich?
Whew, those blog revenue figures are just teeny weenie small tad above my five figure revenue from Google Adsense. That is, five figures including the decimal point and the two digits to the right of the decimal – nyahahaha!!

In the Philippine context, I’m still wondering how much Connie and Rickey are doing as the top two bloggers in the country. It’s enough to make them full-time bloggers, so one could guess at least a lower-limit to how much they’re making. I won’t make an attempt here.

Yuga, in the meantime, is making a good amount. I won’t divulge the figure here but let’s just say it makes me … “envious”. ;-) He’s been planting seeds towards growing this amount many-fold.

Another friend is making US$500-700 per month. He brushes it off as small, but I know that he puts in a large amount of time, energy and some money in maintaining his site.

Pinoy bloggers, to infinity and beyond!

ka edong


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