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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lipat Bahay

I'm moving Technobiography to a new address and it hasn't been easy. I've been spending some time learning Word Press.

It would have been nice if I could invite readers to my new home, all clean and tidy. But it's not happening - it's not yet clean, it's not yet tidy. It's a work in progress.

I'll let people in early, maybe they could help me with plumbing or carpentry of my new home. Want to get in early? Leave a comment here.

Ready or not, expect a new Technobiography home within the next few days.

ka edong
naglilipat bahay
moblogging at MRT


  • At 11:39 pm, Blogger Jepoy said…

    access! access! access! access! access! access! access! access! access! access!

  • At 11:46 pm, Blogger Jepoy said…

    i can offer jepoy's vacuum services for the new home to tidy things up... :D

  • At 6:11 am, Anonymous Kates said…

    Ayaw mo na sa blogger?

  • At 9:11 am, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    hi kates,

    blogger has been a good home for me while learning how to blog. pero marami pa akong gustong features na i-dagdag. and i won't be able to install those features if i stick to blogger.

    moving on lang ...

    ka edong
    senti .... hehehe


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