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Monday, July 19, 2004

Airfagev Moves Mountains

Huli ako sa balita.

I learned many days late that Smart came out with a promo that offered high end cellphones at low prices. I read about it via posted by good friend and site moderator Marlboro Red from Davao. MR's announcement was a hot topic, getting more 200 replies within 5 days or so. Exciting! Ang daming gustong kumuha ng phone!

I tried to get a Voyager for my wife last friday, the last day of the promo (It was later extended by 3 days). Lo and behold, huli nanaman ako sa balita! The Voyager wasn't available anymore! Ubos na daw ang stock since two days ago. Other Nokia and Sony-Ericsson phones were still available.

I couldn't help but think that airfagev, a community of SmartPhone users, is a big factor for the high demand for the Voyager. Airfagev moves mountains! ... Or at least it moves Smart's inventories of the Voyager.

Check out the airfagev forum and EB photos* and you'll see a bustling community helping out each other in all SmartPhone concerns. Airfagev has also become a software and hardware development network where members exchange ideas, skills and knowledge to further maximize the use of the SmartPhone.

For all this, credit goes to Rey Vegafria for creating Airfagev; And also the Airfagev community for making it what it is today -- a real community supporting SmartPhone users here and around the world; a real community where friendships are formed in the chatroom/forum and then spill-over to real life EBs.

Just ask DyeySy who met his girlfriend in an Airfagev EB. As DyeySy says: "Salamat, fagev!".

Mabu-hey ang airfagev!

ka edong

* EB - short for Eye Ball; Refers to a face-to-face meeting of people who have prior interaction through other means (text, chat, forum etc.). In this case, a meeting of Airfagev members who've known each other through airfagev forums or chat.


  • At 6:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Ka Ed,

    Thanks for the write-up. Cool! Airfagev wouldn't be where it is without your support both as a moderator and as an ever concerned member.

    BTW, just got my Voyager today. Thank God! It has lots of improvements from the previous models. I won't list the specs or features anymore...'alam mo na yon.' Hehe. I just noticed something...the USB cable is now a sync 'n charge cable. Isn't that cool! Hehe

    More power to your blogspot. You're awesome bro!

  • At 12:39 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i believe the previous anonymous poster is Master Rey :)

    hey ka ed! dr here! indeed, airfagev has done a lot even it only existed for a year. kudos to everyone for their major contributions to make airfagev a big success!

  • At 9:49 am, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    Hi Ka rey, DR,

    Yup, I knew it was anonymous ka rey. Balitado yung bago niyang Voyager, eh!!!! Am so happy for you, ka rey!

    Ako, baka 6 months later pa. Pero it will be maya's voyager, not mine. ;-) .

    I read a book (medyo scanned pa lang) called TXT-ing Selves (I wrote about it - TXT-ing Slaves). Isip ko lang, ganda sana if somebody (a psych student thesis maybe) could do a short "case", "documentation" or "study" on airfagev, and how and why it works so well.

    Wala lang.

    Hey ka rey, ka DR, ka MR, am always here, just in the background .... ;-)


    ka edong

  • At 2:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    WoW!!! Great BLOG!!! I just came down and drop by.

    Nice one ka eds....Miss you :p

  • At 4:18 pm, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    hey ya!

    thanks for dropping by. sayang nga lang, di ko alam kung sino ang nag-post.

    di ko tuloy masabi kung miss din kita .... hehehehe.

    siya, kitakits. hope you could log-on back and let me know who you are.


    ka edong

  • At 1:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ka_edong yong mahilig magdila sa fagev, bwahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Now you know me :p

  • At 1:23 pm, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    nyarps! mang-huhula tuloy tayo ....

    payeng sky! hoipst! lumabas ka na diyan! ;-) You are completely surrounded! ;-)

    ka edong

  • At 5:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi kuya eds,

    Hanga ako sa husay at galing mo sa pagsusulat, pwede makahingi ng konting talent? :)

    Mukhang kilala ko ung mahilig magdila sa fagev! MOD rin ba sya?

    2 thumbs up po sa Airfagev...isa po ako sa "salamat fagev" i've learned a lot from this site..from fone, relationship and life itself.

  • At 3:07 pm, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    araykup.... nyarp, hindi po ako manghuhula! sign niyo naman name niyo! ;-)

    thanks for dropping by, kapatid!

    ka edong

  • At 1:38 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hi ka eds...sige na nag po reveal ko na sino ako, ysa here!! just dropping by!

  • At 6:48 pm, Blogger Edwin "ka edong" said…

    aha! ikaw pala! sus, kala ko naman kung sino na itong fans kong nagpapaka-anonymous. hihihihi.

    kitakits sa manda. sa labas, ha!

    ka edong

  • At 4:43 pm, Blogger watson said…

    Edong! Ok sa olrayt ang airfagev. Dyan rin ako pumupunta kasi ang misis ko, may smartphone. Kaya lang medyo outdated na ko, di ko alam yung tungkol sa Voyager. At nahuli na rin ako sa Smart promo balita :-)


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