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Tuesday, July 13, 2004


I have nothing to blog as I walk home.

How boring. Where's my technology life?!

Oh well, might as well blog about the book I borrowed from the libe.

It's entitled "TXT-ING Selves - Cellphones and Philippine Modernity" by Pertierra, Ugarte et al. It's been oft quoted since its publication in 2002. It was the first extensive research about our Filipino texting culture. I've scanned the book and it's quite insightful.

Of interest are the case studies -- unique stories of how the mobile phone is changing the Filipino lifestyle and psyche.

But, to borrow a line from my former boss, the book's only liability is that the authors are from La Salle. [Just kidding! ΓΌ (w nudge sa tagiliran)]

- edwin
Blogging through my cellphone while walking through Glorietta


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