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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Cube Blog

Here's a blogging service from e-pldt: Cube Blog (

Cube Blog allows Filipinos to blog through their cellphone. They'll be able to upload photos via MMS. Cost: P5 per MMS sent.

I couldn't verify from their website though if they support Video and Audio MMS already. Cube Blog has a mobile blogging application that can be installed in some Nokia phones. For other phones, posting will be done through MMS.

I'd rather phlog ( or blog via mobile e-mail. It doesn't cost much. Just P.25 per Kb, usually around 1 peso per post. In fact, almost 90% of my posts in Technobiography are sent via mobile phone.

Nevertheless, have some Cube Blog's FAQs.

Initially, it's packaged for the young crowd. But I see possibilities in tele-medicine or engineering. Imagine a doctor in the mountains posting photos of a patient with a rare disease. Doc can do this through Cube Blog.

Or maybe a handful of engineers trying to troubleshoot a problem. They can coordinate through mobile blogging.

Here's more on mobile blogging:
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Google search: mobile blog, mobile blogging, audio blog

-- edwin

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